Multiple Pools on Single Host

Sebastian Grewe edited this page Jan 20, 2014 · 3 revisions

If you plan to run more than a single pool on your host, please ensure that

  • You have one database setup per pool
  • CREATE DATABASE <name> is enough. You don't need two database hosts.
  • You have setup proper cronjobs for each pool: Cronjob Setup
  • Otherwise you will run into cron locking issues
  • You have setup different memcache key prefixes in your configuration files
  • If not setup properly, caches across pools will be mixed up and you will see weird results on the frontend
  • Each pool runs its own stratum
  • Since you are mining different coins, you will need one stratum per pool

Keep in mind that:

  • MPOS does not support multiple pools with a single sign-on database
  • MPOS does not support merged mining

Tickets regarding those issues will close since it's not a planned feature at the moment.

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