⚡️ The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT)
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The MRPT project

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GNU/Linux & OSX
GitHub release BSD3 License Code quality [Join the chat at https://gitter.im/MRPT/mrpt

1. Introduction

Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) provides C++ libraries aimed at researchers in mobile robotics and computer vision. Libraries include SLAM solutions, 3D(6D) geometry, SE(2)/SE(3) Lie groups, probability density functions (pdfs) over points, landmarks, poses and maps, Bayesian inference (Kalman filters, particle filters), image processing, obstacle avoidance, etc. MRPT also provides GUI apps for Stereo camera calibration, dataset inspection, and much more.

2. Resources

3. Compiling


  1. Invoke cmake-gui and select:

    • Where source is --> MRPT source root directory
    • Where to build binaries --> Pick a new, empty directory.

    If your platform doesn't support cmake-gui, open a console, chdir to a new empty directory and execute:

    $ ccmake <PATH_TO_MRPT_SOURCES>
  2. Within cmake-gui (or ccmake), set all the build options as you desire, then press "Configure" and "Generate". To build the examples, enable BUILD_SAMPLES.

  3. Build with the IDE / compiler you selected from CMake (Visual Studio, GNU Make,...)

3.2. Further details (RECOMMENDED!)

Read the compiling instructions.

4. License

MRPT is released under the new BSD license.