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This API SDK was automatically generated by APIMATIC v2.0

How To Configure:

The generated code might need to be configured with your API credentials. To do that, provide the credentials and configuration values as a constructor parameters for the controllers

How To Build:

The generated code uses a Ruby gem namely 'unirest'. The reference to this gem is already added in the gemspec. Therefore, you will need internet access to resolve this dependency.

How To Use:

The generated code can be used to build gem, which can then be distributed online. Otherwise, you can include the generated code in your project to use directly.

Use the following steps to build a gem and use locally

1. Run the build command
    gem build magic_telecom_api.gemspec

2. Run the install command  
    gem install ./magic_telecom_api-1.0.gem

3. In your Gemfile add this line
    gem 'magic_telecom_api', '~> 1.0'

4. Now create an instance and use the instance methods, like following.

    ctl = params
    ctl.get_authentications params
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