CodeCharta visualizes multiple code metrics using 3D tree maps.
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CodeCharta by MaibornWolff

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What is CodeCharta?

CodeCharta is a beautiful tool for visualizing code as cities. It visualizes multiple code metrics using 3D tree maps and consists of two parts:

  • analysis: Command-Line-Tool for generating visualization data. It includes some pre-defined importers for e.g. SonarQube, SourceMonitor, SCM log information, generic csv data, as well as a command to validate and merge multiple data files.
  • visualization: GUI for visualizing code metrics given in json files, specified by cc.json using json-schema v4.

Screenshot of visualization


You can get the latest version of the analyzer and visualization or try the online demo of the visualization.

Install application for desktop usage with npm

  • install visualization with npm install codecharta-visualization -g
  • install analysis with npm install codecharta-analysis -g
  • run visualization with codecharta-visualization
  • run analysis with ccsh

Install CodeCharta from GitHub

  • Download the latest release of CodeCharta (codecharta-analysis and codecharta-visualization)
  • you should now have the analysis and visualization package
  • unpack both packages
  • enter the codecharta-analysis/bin directory with your favorite console ./ccsh -h

Feature request / Bug / Feedback

Have a bug, a feature request or any question? Please open a new issue. Feedback is always welcome.

Further Information

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