STM M3 ARM Cores for Arduino IDE.Makes Arduino IDE supports stm32f103.
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This is MakerLabBoard core source files, make Arduino IDE supports STM32F103XX cortex-m3 arm cpu.


how to install

download Arduino IDE 1.5.8 Beta

You must use 1.5.8 Beta.

download The MakerLabBoard core files.

You can use git or zip( Then put the folder in the Arduino IDE hardware/arduino directory.Like this:

Mac: right click the --> "Show Package Contents" and go to Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino and copy the core files to there.

Like this:

hardware/arduino > ls    
avr	sam	stm32
#The folder name must be **stm32**,because I hardcoded the folder name.
hardware/arduino > cd stm32
hardware/arduino/stm32 > ls
firmwares	programmers.txt	system
boards.txt	libraries	variants
cores		platform.txt	sloadhost

Now restart the Arduino IDE, you can see the Tools>Board will add MakerLab Board. Then you can use Arduino IDE for stm32f103 based board.


more info.