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Python & OS Support

avcaesar_api works with python 3. avcaesar_api works on Unix/Linux, OS X, and Windows.


If you have installed pip3, you can install with pip-3.2 install avcaesar_api (The command name for pip depends of your python installation). Otherwise you can install from the project source by downloading it and do python3 install.


To configure your API key, create a new file ~/.avcaesar_api.cfg in your home directory with the following content:


Command line usage

usage: [-h]
                (-c hash [hash ...] | -u file [file ...] | -d reference [reference ...] | -i reference [reference ...] | --update reference [reference ...] | -r reference [reference ...] | --analysis-history | --is-authenticated | --quota)
                [--private] [--page PAGE] [--per-page PER_PAGE]
                [--api-key API_KEY] [--api-url API_URL]
                [--api-server-cert API_SERVER_CERT] [--version]
AVCaesar API tools
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c hash [hash ...], --check hash [hash ...]
                        Check a hash.
  -u file [file ...], --upload file [file ...]
                        Upload a sample.
  -d reference [reference ...], --download reference [reference ...]
                        Download a sample. (Only in public mode)
  -i reference [reference ...], --info reference [reference ...]
                        Show sample info.
  --update reference [reference ...]
                        Rescan a sample. (Only in public mode)
  -r reference [reference ...], --remove reference [reference ...]
                        Remote a sample. (Only in private mode)
  --analysis-history    Show your analysis history.
  --is-authenticated    Check your authentication
  --quota               Show your quota.
  --private             Activate mode private.
  --page PAGE           Specify the desired page.
  --per-page PER_PAGE   Specify the desired limit per page.
  --api-key API_KEY     Specify the api key.
  --api-url API_URL     Specify the api url.
  --api-server-cert API_SERVER_CERT
                        Specify the api server cert.
  --version             show program's version number and exit

Library usage

Make a connection to AVCaesar API.

import avcaesar_api
conn = avcaesar_api.Connector(key=YOUR_API_KEY, **avcaesar_api.config_malware_lu)

You can see an example of library usage in the script