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Stanford's Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2
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Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2

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Stanford's Coursera course on algorithms, part 2. It can be taken here:

Like my previous repo on Part I of this course (, this one will contain solutions to the programming assignments posted throughout the course. As before, they'll be coded in C++11. Feel free to comment, or give your opinion of the code - pull requests and tickets are always available/welcome.

Let's do some coding now...


  1. Greedy algorithms

    • Scheduling problem
    • Prim's Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm
  2. Greedy algorithms 2

    • Clustering
    • Clustering big - Hamming distance
  3. Dynamic Programming

    • Knapsack

    • Knapsack big:

      a) Recursive with memoization (hash table)

      b) Iterative with two C-like arrays

  4. Dynamic Programming 2

    • Floyd-Warshall All-Pairs Shortest Path Algorithm
  5. Traveling Salesman Problem

  6. 2-SAT Problem

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