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Real-time global illumination based on voxel cone tracing
C C++ GLSL Objective-C Cuda CMake
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Real-time global illumination based on voxel cone tracing.

HarshLight\src folder includes all the Cpp source code as well as GLSL shaders. HarshLight\include includes all the headers of third-party libraries. HarshLight\lib includes all the static libs of third-party libraries. HarshLight\bin includes all the dlls of third-party libraries.

For now in order to let the program find shaders, subdirectory src\shaders\ needs to be copied and put in the same directory as the executable (please maintain the "src\shaders" hierarchy). The same is for subdirectory scenes\font\ for UI text rendering.

We have also included a pre-compiled release in Release\ folder. To run the application, the machine must support OpenGL 4.5 (and CUDA).

We have also captured a video: in case the program cannot run due to mystery compatibility reasons.

command line arguments: -i -g <debug mode on/off ("1"/"0")> -m -r <resolution ("720p"/"1080p"/"1440p")> -d <voxelization dimension ("128"/"256"/"512")>

control: W/S/A/D/Q/E moveing free camera Mouse: rotating free camera I/J/K/L rotating main directional light F toggling secondary point light Z toggling UI Text and FPS counter

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