A pure Python 2 library for programming light animations: Please direct questions and support requests to http://forum.maniacallabs.com - The Issues list here should be reserved for actual bugs.
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For usage details, check the Wiki!

If you still need support, please post on the Forum

For easy hardware interfacing, check out the BiblioPixel supported AllPixel.

Do you have an animation you would like to share? Submit to our animation repository or post it to our forum.


BiblioPixel is a pure Python 2 library for programming light animations. It provides an easy to use, cross-platform, and completely output agnostic framework that greatly eases designing and programming animations for a wide variety of displays.

In the current form, it is designed specifically for displays comprised of LED strips, but there are no real limits on what the output device can be, due to the output driver model.

See the documentation in the Wiki for more detailed information.