ZX GO+ FPGA board based on ZX-UNO project.
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FPGA BOARD based on ZX-UNO project.


ZX GO + is a FPGA board with the form factor adapted to fit into an original Spectrum 48k or Spectrum + case.

Connections. conections

IMG_20170526_212741_1 FAQ by UTO

Spanish - http://www.ngpaws.com/zxunogomasfaq.html English - http://www.ngpaws.com/zxunogoplus_faq.html

Spanish manual by JSJ - https://github.com/jsanjose/ZXGO-Manual

For more information, contact with manuferhi@gmail.com

Based on ZX-UNO project by Superfo, Mcleod, Quest, AVillena and Hark0. http://zxuno.speccy.org/

(CC BY-SA)License.