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MDEV-10788 Not able to compile source with -DBUILD_CONFIG=mysql_relea…


fix incorrect merge, 831b531 was not fully merged into 10.0
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vuvova committed May 18, 2017
1 parent 7c03edf commit 6dcc378964a1a35c0c95b6963b73224e52cf4cad
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@@ -663,21 +663,4 @@

stat structure (from <sys/stat.h>) is conditionally defined
to have different layout and size depending on the defined macros.
The correct macro is defined in my_config.h, which means it MUST be
included first (or at least before <features.h> - so, practically,
before including any system headers).

Check the include order by looking at __GLIBC__ (defined in <features.h>)

But we cannot force all third-party clients/connectors to include
my_config.h first. So, their crashes are their responsibility,
we enable this check only for MariaDB sources (SAFE_MUTEX check).
#if defined(__GLIBC__) && defined(SAFE_MUTEX)
#error <my_config.h> MUST be included first!


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