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make mysql_upgrade try to install missing storage engine plugins (MDE…

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hartmut-mariadb authored and vuvova committed Feb 7, 2017
1 parent 8f1ca5e commit c372388e4862938037f98b6e4936bc61872354dd
Showing with 48 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +48 −2 client/mysql_upgrade.c
@@ -756,7 +756,6 @@ static void print_conn_args(const char *tool_name)
verbose("Running '%s with default connection arguments", tool_name);

Check and upgrade(if necessary) all tables
in the server using "mysqlcheck --check-upgrade .."
@@ -926,6 +925,52 @@ static void print_line(char* line)

Check for entries with "Unknown storage engine" in I_S.TABLES,
try to load plugins for these tables if available (MDEV-11942)
static int run_mysqlcheck_engines(void)

/* Trying to identify existing tables with unknown storage engine
Does not work with all engine types yet, and doesn't produce
results for BLACKHOLE without the dummy "WHERE row_format IS NULL"
condition yet. See MDEV-11943 */
const char *query = "SELECT DISTINCT LOWER(REPLACE(REPLACE(table_comment, 'Unknown storage engine ', ''), '\\'', '')) AS engine FROM information_schema.tables WHERE row_format IS NULL AND table_comment LIKE 'Unknown storage engine%'";

if (init_dynamic_string(&ds_query, "", 512, 512))
die("Out of memory");

if (init_dynamic_string(&ds_result, "", 512, 512))
die("Out of memory");

verbose("Checking for tables with unknown storage engine");

run_query(query, &ds_result, TRUE);

char *line= ds_result.str;
if (line && *line) {
verbose("installing missing plugin for '%s' storage engine", line);

dynstr_set(&ds_query, "INSTALL SONAME 'ha_");
dynstr_append(&ds_query, line); // we simply assume SONAME=ha_ENGINENAME
dynstr_append(&ds_query, "'");

if (run_query(ds_query.str, NULL, TRUE)) {
fprintf(stderr, "... can't install plugin 'ha_%s'\n", line);
} while ((line= get_line(line)) && *line);

Update all system tables in MySQL Server to current
version using "mysql" to execute all the SQL commands
@@ -1131,7 +1176,8 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
Run "mysqlcheck" and "mysql_fix_privilege_tables.sql"
if (run_mysqlcheck_upgrade(TRUE) ||
if (run_mysqlcheck_engines() ||
run_mysqlcheck_upgrade(TRUE) ||
run_mysqlcheck_views() ||
run_sql_fix_privilege_tables() ||
run_mysqlcheck_fixnames() ||

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