*NEW* Asp.NETCore Vue 2.* SPA Starter kit with server-side rendering, Vuex, and more
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Asp.NETCore Vue 2 Starter

Note: The Repo is functional - many improvements coming soon!

Still a Work in Progress, PRs always welcome!

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ASP.NET Core & Vue 2.* Starter

Table of Contents


  • ASP.NET Core
    • Web API
  • VueJS 2
    • Vuex (State Store)
  • Webpack 2

    • HMR (Hot Module Replacement/Reloading)
  • ...more details to come...


  • Typescript support
    • as it's cool
  • Default app
    • bootstrap
    • counter
    • fetchdata
    • navmenu
  • Dotnet new

    - make available as a nuget to easily use in 'dotnet new'

Getting Started?

  • Fork and Clone repo
  • yarn install && webpack
  • Hit F5 in VSCode or Visual Studio
  • Enjoy :)


  • Get Chrome DevTools for Vue here

Found a Bug? Want to Contribute?

Nothing's ever perfect, but please let me know by creating an issue (make sure there isn't an existing one about it already), and we'll try and work out a fix for it! If you have any good ideas, or want to contribute, feel free to either make an Issue with the Proposal, or just make a PR from your Fork.

Special Thanks

Many thanks go out to Steve Sanderson (@SteveSandersonMS) from Microsoft and his amazing work on JavaScriptServices and integrating the world of Node with ASP.NET Core.


MIT License