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Working och getting Pipeline support for Jenkins Plot Plugin
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Plot Plugin for Jenkins


Currently this plugin supports Pipeline by choosing Plot build from step: General Build Step in the Snippet Generator.

This standalone plugin only supports Pipeline projects. Install original Plot plugin [found here] ( for additional Freestyle and Matrix support.


A prebuild plot-pipeline.hpi can be found in the target folder.


Install [Maven] ( and use it to create a .hpi with:

mvn install

This will create the file plot-plugin.hpi in the target folder. Upload this file in your plugin handler in Jenkins under the Advanced tab.


In a Pipeline project, choose Snippet Generator (Pipeline Syntax in Jenkins v2.x), select step: General Build Step. Now in Build Step select Plot build. Now you are presented with the form where you fill in the desired values before pressing Generate Groovy. It should look something like this:

step([$class: 'PlotBuilder', csvFileName: 'foo-bar.csv', csvSeries: [[displayTableFlag: false, exclusionValues: '', file: 'data.plot', inclusionFlag: 'OFF', url: '']], exclZero: false, group: 'Group1', keepRecords: false, logarithmic: false, numBuilds: '30', style: 'line', title: 'Title2', useDescr: false, yaxis: 'Sample', yaxisMaximum: '', yaxisMinimum: ''])
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