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VCS Repository Management for Go

Manage repos in varying version control systems with ease through a common interface.

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Note: Module names are case sensitive. Please be sure to use with the capital M.

Quick Usage

Quick usage:

remote := ""
local, _ := ioutil.TempDir("", "go-vcs")
repo, err := NewRepo(remote, local)

In this case NewRepo will detect the VCS is Git and return a GitRepo. All of the repos implement the Repo interface with a common set of features between them.

Supported VCS

Git, SVN, Bazaar (Bzr), and Mercurial (Hg) are currently supported. They each have their own type (e.g., GitRepo) that follow a simple naming pattern. Each type implements the Repo interface and has a constructor (e.g., NewGitRepo). The constructors have the same signature as NewRepo.


  • Clone or checkout a repository depending on the version control system.
  • Pull updates to a repository.
  • Get the currently checked out commit id.
  • Checkout a commit id, branch, or tag (depending on the availability in the VCS).
  • Get a list of tags and branches in the VCS.
  • Check if a string value is a valid reference within the VCS.
  • More...

For more details see the documentation.


The package provides some valuable functionality for working with packages in repositories in varying source control management systems. That package, while useful and well tested, is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Our uses went beyond the scope of that package. To implement our scope we built a package that went beyond the functionality and scope of