SumoBot, and Maze-Solving Robots
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Arduino Robots

Maze Solver

The maze solver is a team project that was developed to allow a Arduino robot to traverse a difficult maze using only LDR sensor, and an H-bridge connect to a GearBox.


  • Permit a robot to utilize one LDR and traverse through a maze
  • Quick algorithm
  • Minimal turning radius
  • Minimal materials and processing use

Known bugs:

  • If the robot is too long and the turning radius is too large, the robot may skip a line

YouTube demonstration:

Click here for the demonstration


The SumoBot is a robot that utilizes ultrasonic sensors to detect other robots and go towards them. The robot was completed in a team, and was further used as a model when designing the MSEO (Mackenzie Science and Engineering Olympics).


  • Simple algorithm
  • Code design allows for easy use of methods
  • Turning mechanism allows wheels to rotate on the spot by reversing a wheel