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  1. An open-source Mathematica. This repository contains the Python modules for WL Built-in functions, variables, core primitives, e.g. Symbol, a parser to create Expressions, and an evaluator to execu…

    Python 574 28

  2. Django front-end to Mathics

    JavaScript 78 7

  3. Terminal CLI to Mathics3

    Python 44 5

  4. Tokenizer, and character tables, and conversion routines for the Wolfram Language.

    Python 14 1

  5. Docker setup for to tie together a number of mathics libraries, and components: Mathics3, mathicsscript, Mathics-Django, etc. This is useful in dockerization or PyPI packaging of a more complete co…

    TeX 19 1

  6. Mathics 3D Graphics backend using three.js

    JavaScript 15 3


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