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Simple and lightweight tween library for Haxe.
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lets Go

Lightweight, simple, compact, chainable tween library for Haxe/Openfl.

Everybody in the place, lets go

Inspired by tween engines written in Haxe and ActionScript. I just wanted to see if I could build a tweening engine myself. And take all the good stuff from alll those other tween libraries (like Actuate and TweenMax)

####WIP and not ready for production I will be using it in my Haxe project to test it in a production environment.


This is still WIP, an experiment, so I decide not to add it to haxelib yet.

But if you want to try it out via haxelib, you can install it with git

git clone
haxelib dev go go

To include Go in an OpenFL project, add <haxelib name="go" /> to your project.xml.

To add Go to a standard Haxe project, use -lib go in your HXML


Animate a sprite in 1.5 second to x postion 100, 1.5).x(100);
// or;

Animate a sprite in 1.5 second to x and y postion, 1.5).x(100).y(200);

Animate a sprite in 1.5 second to x and y postion and call function when animation is done, 1.5).x(100).y(200).onComplete(onCompleteHandler, ['hello']);

Rotate an object in degrees, 1.5).rotate(360);

Change the alpha of an object (value from 0 to 1), 1.5).alpha(.5);

Change the scale of an object (value 1 is original scale/100% , 0.5 will be 50%, 2 will be 200%), 1.5).scale(.5);

Delay an animation for 2 seconds, 1.5).scale(.5).delay(2);

Yoyo an animation (play the animation and reverse it back to the original values), 1.5).x(100).yoyo();

Delay an animation for 3 seconds and then start, 1.5).x(100).delay(3);

Change default easing

import lets.Go;
import lets.easing.Elastic;, 1.5).x(100).ease(Elastic.easeOut);


It should be easy to use, so I decided to use chainging methode.

You can animate

to, 1.5).x(100);



Go.from(target, 1.5).x(100);

You can animate the default properties of a DisplayObject:

  • x
  • y
  • rotation
  • alpha
  • scale

And some extra usefull functions

  • delay (delay the animation)
  • yoyo (tween will run in the opposite direction so that the tween appears to go back and forth)

Go.from(target, 1.5).x(100).y(100).rotation(10).alpha(.5).scale(2);

and value via prop, 1.5).prop('counter',100)

Call an onComplete when the animation id done

Use easing classes with easeIn/easeOut/easeInOut

  • Back
  • Bounce
  • Cubic
  • Elastic
  • Expo
  • Linear
  • Quad
  • Quart
  • Quint
  • Sine
  • circ
  • reverse
  • reflect

Tween engines I used for inspiration



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