Demo web app using the Jekyll-Angular-Firebase (JAF) stack
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Base template for a web app using the Jekyll-Angular-Firebase (JAF) stack.

Click here to see it in action.

So, what's the JAF stack?

  • Jekyll is a static site generator. In the JAF stack, we're using it mostly to generate static navigation elements on every page of our web site.

  • Angular is a client-site MVC framework. Actually, there are at least two versions of Angular: the very popular AngularJS for JavaScript, and the lesser known AngularDart. For this template, we're using AngularJS to implement all the business logic (which runs client-side).

  • Firebase is a commercial real-time storage and synchronization service. Firebase is acting as the data store in the JAF stack.

Note what's missing? There's no backend code. That's the whole point. All the "logic" lives in Angular, which runs client-side. All the data plus the security model and some basic validation rules live in Firebase.

Note that the template currently uses Bootstrap for UI stuff, which again requires jQuery. That's more optional though, they can easily be replaced with any other UI framework or no UI framework.