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Omg.publish is a plugin for Obsidian that allows you post notes to services like statuslog or weblog (planned).

Installation (In progress)

You will need to enable obsidian community plugins in settings > community plugins then go to browse and find omg.publish

Plugin Settings

You will need your username and API token from (scroll down to bottom).

You can also change default emoji for cases when you posting text without staring emoji.

If you don't want to cross-post status to mastodon you can enable skip mastodon post settings. This one is by default disabled.

Publishing text to statuslog

Select any text you want to post to statuslog and open the command palette with CTRL+P (Windows) or a similar keyboard shortcut, depending on your operating system. Find for Post to status log action.


The icon I used is from Font awesome

This is a community plugin and is not affiliated with Obsidian or