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A simple framework for firing MediaMath Pixels


The SDK has four static reporting functions:

  • report(advertiser: Int, pixel: Int, addlParams: String?)

  • report(advertiser: String, pixel: String, addlParams: String?)

  • report(advertiser: Int, pixel: Int, addlParams: [String: String])

  • report(advertiser: String, pixel: String, addlParams: [String: String])

    • advertiser : TerminalOne Advertiser ID (value from &mt_adid= of a JS pixel from a website)
    • pixel : TerminalOne Pixel ID (value from &mt_id= of a JS pixel from a website)
    • addlParams : Additional information to send to TerminalOne at the time of pixel fire (see 'The addlParams argment')

The addlParams argument

addlParams may be passed in as a [String: String] dictionary or as a URL-encoded string of parameters joined by ampersand characters (e.g."v1=data1&v2=data2&s1=data3") It may be omitted from function calls if not needed. Advertisers typically use these in scenarios such as the following: The addlParams may be used in the following ways:

  • Revenue tracking: To send a pixel tracking the value of an order, include something like v1=99.99&s1=USD.
  • Deterministic reinforcement: include a mt_exem or mt_excl argument
    • The value for the mt_exem (for hashed emails, '') or the mt_excl (for hashed account ids, e.g. 'john2015', '829852', etc) must be SHA-256 hashed at the time of pixel firing
    • When using addlParams: [String: String], the value of mt_excl is automatically hashed. The value of mt_exem is hashed if it contains an '@' character (i.e. if it is an email address)
    • When using addlParams: String, hashing is not performed by the MediaMath Pixel SDK. The app developer must SHA-256 hash the value.
    • For more information, see the API docs on mobile pixels.
  • For more information on additional parameters, consule the Knowledge Base.


There is a setDebugOutput(debug: Bool) function for enabling the printing of debug output to console.

Example App

Check out the MMPixelExampleApp for a simple implementation of the framework.