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Medium SDK for Python

This repository contains the open source SDK for integrating Medium's OAuth2 REST API with your Python app.

For full API documentation, see our developer docs.

Installing dependencies

To install dependencies using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt


from medium import Client

# Go to to get your application_id and application_secret.
client = Client(application_id="MY_APPLICATION_ID", application_secret="MY_APPLICATION_SECRET")

# Build the URL where you can send the user to obtain an authorization code.
auth_url = client.get_authorization_url("secretstate", "",
                                        ["basicProfile", "publishPost"])

# (Send the user to the authorization URL to obtain an authorization code.)

# Exchange the authorization code for an access token.
auth = client.exchange_authorization_code("YOUR_AUTHORIZATION_CODE",

# The access token is automatically set on the client for you after
# a successful exchange, but if you already have a token, you can set it
# directly.
client.access_token = auth["access_token"]

# Get profile details of the user identified by the access token.
user = client.get_current_user()

# Create a draft post.
post = client.create_post(user_id=user["id"], title="Title", content="<h2>Title</h2><p>Content</p>",
                          content_format="html", publish_status="draft")

# When your access token expires, use the refresh token to get a new one.

# Confirm everything went ok. post["url"] has the location of the created post.
print "My new post!", post["url"]

Running tests

To run tests against this package, first install the test requirements and make sure that the medium package is exportable. (We recommend using virtualenv.)

$ pip install -r tests/requirements.txt
$ pip install -e .

Then run the primary test file:

$ python tests/


Questions, comments, bug reports, and pull requests are all welcomed. If you haven't contributed to a Medium project before please head over to the Open Source Project and fill out an OCLA (it should be pretty painless).



Copyright 2015 A Medium Corporation

Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. Details in the attached LICENSE file.