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@filux filux released this Mar 8, 2017 · 195 commits to develop since this release

  • important sounds like "attack alarm" are always played
  • display build/morph/upgrade time
  • new AI tag for units(buildings) which allows fake size for buildings
    while placing them
  • much better error handling and messages especially for modders and xml-related problems
  • fix unwanted double event for some keys ( like alt+enter )
  • map filter option for game setup on headless server
  • option to select/command multiple buildings of same type ( uniform-selection )
  • major cross platform OOS fix which especially showed up quite often when playing without
    fog of war
  • you must proof basic game knowledge before you can play online by winning a special scenario
  • less visible parts of black squares while rendering cliffs
  • possibility to let units spawn units on death
  • improved AI behavior per faction ( mostly magic )
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