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C++ Build Analyzer

Leverage C++ Build Insights SDK to get interesting data from your MSVC builds.


  • Generates flame graphs out of build execution: Flame graph
    • Also shows template instantiations, if present: Flame graph: template instantiation
  • Generates file inclusion graphs: File inclusion graph
  • Lists file compilation times: File compilation times
  • Lists file inclusion times: File inclusion times
  • Lists function compilation times: Function compilation times
  • Lists template instantiation times: Template instantiation times

Interactive examples

Previous screenshots were obtained by analyzing a Rebuild on CppBuildAnalyzer in a Debug|x64 configuration, within Visual Studio 16.4 (Visual Studio 2019). You can check the files here (they were edited to remove local paths):

Getting started


  • Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.
  • Clone and build vcperf.
  • Clone and build this repository.

To collect a trace:

  • Open an elevated command prompt pointing to vcperf.
  • Execute vcperf /start SomeSessionName.
    • If you want full data (including template intantiations) execute vcperf /start /level3 SomeSessionName instead.
  • Build your Visual Studio 2017+ project from Visual Studio or command line.
  • Execute vcperf /stopnoanalyze SomeSessionName TraceFile.etl.

To analyze a trace:

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Execute CppBuildAnalyzer -i TraceFile.etl --analyze_all.

Command line options


-i, --input arg                        Path to trace file
    --analyze_all                      Perform all analysis the program can do


-h, --help                                 Show help

    --analyze_function_compilations        Analyzes function compilations (i.e. how long did each one take)
    --analyze_file_inclusion_times         Analyzes file inclusion times (i.e. how long did each one take)
    --analyze_file_inclusion_graph         Creates a file inclusion graph (i.e. directed graph from include clauses)
    --analyze_file_compilations            Analyzes file compilations (i.e. how long did front-end and back-end take)
    --analyze_build_timeline               Analyzes trace and creates a timeline from it
    --analyze_template_instantiations      Analyzes template instantiations (i.e. how long did each template take to instantiate)

    --timeline_ignore_functions_under arg  Ignores all functions under the given milliseconds
    --timeline_ignore_templates_under arg  Ignores all templates under the given milliseconds

    --out_function_compilations arg        Path to output function compilations data
    --out_file_inclusion_times arg         Path to output file inclusion times
    --out_file_inclusion_graph arg         Path to output file inclusion graph
    --out_file_compilations arg            Path to output file compilations data
    --out_build_timeline arg               Path to output build timeline
    --out_template_instantiations arg      Path to output template instantiations data


This project is released under GNU GPLv3 license.

I started this project thanks to the information I gathered from the community, so I wanted to give something back. You are encouraged to alter it in any way you want, but please continue making it public so the community can benefit from it.