Easy scripting for DrRacket
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Quickscript: A script system for DrRacket

Quickscript is a tool for DrRacket which allows to quickly and easily extend DrRacket features, without having to restart it. The scripts are automatically accessible from a new menu in DrRacket.

[Slides from RacketCon 2018]

Note: Quickscript (but not yet quickscript-extra) now comes bundled with DrRacket.

1. Installation

  • From DrRacket: In DrRacket, in File|Package manager|Source, type https://github.com/Metaxal/quickscript.git.

  • Or from the command line:

raco pkg install https://github.com/Metaxal/quickscript.git

You will need to restart DrRacket. A new Scripts menu should appear.

You may want to install additional scripts, but Quickscript can also be used alone.

2. Usage

Have a look at the new menu.

See the docs for more information.

3. History

Quickscript is the successor to Script Plugin, with some differences:

  • Each Quickscript script is a single file (instead of 2), which makes it easier to share and modify.
    • This is possible thanks to Racket's submodule system: the submodule containing the script's properties can be loaded without loading the script itself.
  • There is still one main directory for the user's new scripts, but Quickscript can look for scripts in various directories.
  • The script library can be managed with a GUI, making it easy to de/activate specific scripts, and add/remove script directories.
  • Racket's package system can be used to easily share sets of scripts.
  • 'Shadow' scripts allow the user to install third-party scripts (e.g., from a package), change their properties for his/her needs, but still make sure these third-party scripts can be updated.