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payu payment gateway integration for django projects
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Django-PayU Code Health

This package provides integration between Django and PayU Payment Gateway.

Quick start

  1. Install 'django-payu' using the following command:

    pip install django-payu
  2. Add "payu" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. Add the following settings in the setting file using the details from your PayU account:

    PAYU_MERCHANT_KEY = "Your MerchantID",
    PAYU_MERCHANT_SALT = "Your MerchantSALT",
    # And add the PAYU_MODE to 'TEST' for testing and 'LIVE' for production.
  4. Finally, run the following commands:

    python migrate
  5. Run the tests:

    python  test -v 2

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