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Getting Started

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Software Setup

  1. Download the latest version of Atmel Studio (Atmel Studio 7).
  2. Clone or Download the GCP IOT Core Example Demo. (See GitHub code tab) Note- CryptoAuthlib is a submodule and is not automatically included and will need to be cloned recursively or downloaded separately from the kit software. If downloaded separately, the files will need to be placed in the \cryptoauthlib folder
  3. Install Python 3.
  4. Install Python packages (pip install -r .\gcp-iot-core-examples\scripts\requirements.txt).
  5. Install a serial terminal emulator, like PuTTY.


The first step as this is intended to interface with Google Cloud services is to set up your account for use with IoT Core and creation of your first device registry for use with these examples. Google's Getting Started Guide details the steps required to configure the back-end for use with IoT devices.

Hardware Selection

After setting up your account, creating your first device registry, and first device it's time to choose the hardware platform that you'll be using. The examples are designed to work with a wide variety of hardware so check back as additional platforms are added. These platform's are listed in the boards folder.


Fan Controller

This example is a simple sensor interface that demonstrates data collection and device configuration and works with the majority of the platforms. The additional sensing and control components as I2C devices are not required for the example to run.


Configuration of the example is handled by config.h for example options and config.c for connection settings.

  • The WIFI SSID, Password/PSK, project id, region id, registry name, and device name will need to be entered into 'config.c' before the example will be able to connect and transmit data.
  • During boot the project will emit the public key (in PEM format) to the uart (the EDBG usb connection on the XPlained Pro boards will enummerate a CMSIS-DAP device for JTAG & a CDC device for debug. Drivers for the CDC interface should be installed by Atmel Studio).
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