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Code for PointerSQL, PT-MAML, Execution-guided Decoding papers


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This is PointSQL, the source codes of Natural Language to Structured Query Generation via Meta-Learning and Pointing Out SQL Queries From Text from Microsoft Research. We present the setup for the WikiSQL experiments.

Training a New Model

Data Pre-processing

  • Download a preprocessed dataset link to input/
  • Untar the file tar -xvjf input.tar.bz2

Reproduce Preprocess Steps

  1. Download data from WikiSQL.
$ cd wikisql_data
$ wget
$ tar -xvjf data.tar.bz2
  1. Put the lib directory under wikisql_data/scripts/
  2. Run annotation using Stanza and preproces the dataset
$ cd wikisql_data/scripts/
$ python
$ python
  1. Put the train/dev/test data into input/data for model training/testing.
  2. Use relevance function to prepare relevance files and put them under input/nl2prog_input_support_rank
python wikisql_data/scripts/
  1. Download pretrained embeddings from glove and character n-gram embeddings and put them under input/

Note we use a new preprocessed dataset (v2) in the Execute-Guided Decoding paper

  • A preprocessed dataset can be found here, where the wikisql_train.dat, wikisql_test.dat, wikisql_dev.dat are the files that can be directly used in training.

Note: the version 2 dataset matches the v1.1 release of WikiSQL. The preprocessing script wikisql_data/scripts/ (python3 required) processes WikiSQL v1.1 raw data and table files to generate wikisql_train.dat, wikisql_test.dat, wikisql_dev.dat.


Meta + Sum loss training

$ OUTDIR=output/meta_sum
$ mkdir $OUTDIR
$ python --input-dir ./input \
    --output-dir $OUTDIR \
    --config config/nl2prog.meta_2_0.001.rank.config  \
    --meta_learning_rate 0.001 --gradient_clip_norm 5 \
    --num_layers 3  --num_meta_example 2 \
    --meta_learning --production


  • Due to the preprocessing error, we ignore some development (see input/data/wikisql_err_dev.dat) and test (see input/data/wikisql_err_test.dat) set examples, we treat them as incorrect directly.

  • Run evaluation as follows (replace model_zoo/meta_sum/table_nl_prog-40 with $OUTDIR/table_nl_prog-?? with the last checkpoint in the folder):

  • Development set

$ mkdir -p ${OUTDIR}_dev
$ python --input-dir ./input --output-dir ${OUTDIR}_dev \ 
    --config config/nl2prog.meta_2_0.001.rank.devconfig \
    --meta_learning --test-model model_zoo/meta_sum/table_nl_prog-40  --production
  • Run execution for developement set as follows:
    $ cp ${OUTDIR}_dev/test_top_1.log dev_top_1.log
    $ python2 
      #Q2 (predition) result is wrong: 1254
      #Q1 or Q2 fail to parse: 0
      #Q1 (ground truth) exec to None: 20
      #Q1 (ground truth) failed to execute: 0
      Logical Form Accuracy: 0.631383269546
      Execute Accuracy: 0.68277747403
  • Test set
$ mkdir -p ${OUTDIR}_test
$ python --input-dir ./input --output-dir ${OUTDIR}_test \ 
    --config config/nl2prog.meta_2_0.001.rank.testconfig \
    --meta_learning --test-model model_zoo/meta_sum/table_nl_prog-40  --production
  • Run execution for test set as follows:
    $ cp ${OUTDIR}_test/test_top_1.log .
    $ python2
      #Q2 (predition) result is wrong: 2556
      #Q1 or Q2 fail to parse: 0
      #Q1 (ground truth) exec to None: 48
      #Q1 (ground truth) failed to execute: 0
      Logical Form Accuracy: 0.628073829775
      Execute Accuracy: 0.680379563733
  • Baseline model on test set
$ OUTDIR=output/base_sum
$ python --input-dir ./input --output-dir ${OUTDIR}_test \
   --config config/nl2prog.testconfig --production  \
   --test-model model_zoo/base_sum/table_nl_prog-79 --production
  • Run execution for the baseline model on test set as follows:
    $ cp ${OUTDIR}_test/test_top_1.log .
    $ python2
      #Q2 (predition) result is wrong: 2636
      #Q1 or Q2 fail to parse: 0
      #Q1 (ground truth) exec to None: 48
      #Q1 (ground truth) failed to execute: 0
      Logical Form Accuracy: 0.614592374009
      Execute Accuracy: 0.668055314471

Pre-trained Models

  • Download pretrained model checkpoints to model_zoo/

  • Run tar -xvjf model_zoo.tar.bz2 to extract pretrain models.

    • Meta + Sum loss: model_zoo/meta_sum
    • Base Sum loss: model_zoo/base_sum


  • Tensorflow 1.4
  • python 3.6
  • Stanza


If you use the code in your paper, then please cite it as:

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Code for PointerSQL, PT-MAML, Execution-guided Decoding papers




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