JavaScript library for embedding Power BI into your apps. Check out the docs website and wiki for more information.
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JavaScript library for embedding Power BI into your apps.

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Reporting issues on this reporsitory has been disabled. Please use Stack Overflow - Tag:powerbi-embedded

Or our support pages Power BI Support Page

Power BI Ideas


See the wiki for more details about embedding, service configuration, setting default page, page navigation, dynamically applying filters, and more.

Code Docs

See the code docs for detailed information about classes, interfaces, types, etc.


New live demo for sample application using the powerbi-client library in scenarios such as page navigation, applying filters, updating settings, and more.


Install via Nuget:

Install-Package Microsoft.PowerBI.JavaScript

Install from NPM:

npm install --save powerbi-client

Install from Bower:

bower install powerbi-client --save

Installing beta versions:

npm install --save powerbi-client@beta

Include the library via import or manually

Ideally you would use module loader or compilation step to import using ES6 modules as:

import * as pbi from 'powerbi-client';

However, the library is exported as a Universal Module and the powerbi.js script can be included before your apps closing </body> tag as:

<script src="/bower_components/powerbi-client/dist/powerbi.js"></script>

When included directly the library is exposd as a global named 'powerbi-client'. There is also another global powerbi which is an instance of the service.