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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge open source projects - demos, tools, data


  1. MSEdge MSEdge Public

    Microsoft Edge

    2.8k 119

  2. MSEdgeExplainers MSEdgeExplainers Public

    Home for explainer documents originated by the Microsoft Edge team

    HTML 1.3k 198

  3. JsDbg JsDbg Public

    Debugging extensions for Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers

    JavaScript 176 32

  4. Status Status Public

    This repository tracks the roadmap for the Microsoft Edge web platform. This data is used on to provide implementation status and forward-looking plans for web sta…

    JavaScript 537 197

  5. WebGL WebGL Public

    Microsoft Edge WebGL Implementation

    C++ 717 65

  6. Demos-old Demos-old Public archive

    Open source and interoperable demos for Microsoft Edge Dev site

    JavaScript 437 285


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