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Bukkit based Minecraft server used by (Custom paper fork)
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Origami Logo

Custom paper fork used by The fork is based off of the framework used in Spottedleaf's Concrete which is based off of aikar's EMC framework.


IRC | Website


The PATCHES-LICENSE file describes the license for api & server patches, found in ./patches/api and ./patches/server.

Everything else is licensed under the MIT license. See, and for the license of material used/modified by this project.

Plugin developers

In order to use Origami as a dependency just add the following repo and dependency to your pom:

Origami maven repository:


Origami-API maven dependency:


Building and setting up

Run the following commands in the root directory:

git submodule init
git submodule update
./origami up
./origami patch

This should initialize the repo such that you can now start modifying and creating patches. The folder Origami-API is the api repo and the Origami-Server folder is the server repo and will contain the source files you will modify.

Creating a patch

Patches are effectively just commits in either Origami-API or Origami-Server. To create one, just add a commit to either repo and run ./origami rb, and a patch will be placed in the patches folder. Modifying commits will also modify its corresponding patch file.


Use the command ./origami build to build the api and server. Compiled jars will be placed under Origami-API/target and Origami-Server/target.

Updating Paper upstream

Switch into the directory of the Paper submodule and pull changes in from the repository, then run ./origami up and ./origami rb.

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