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Map of invasive species in Minnesota
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Minnesota Invasive Species Map

Map of invasive species in Minnesota.


Data from the Minnesota DNR and their awesome Data Deli:

Data processing

  • To work on the TileMill project: cd data-processing/tiles && fab map:mn-invasive link; cd -;
  • In order to get the shapefile into a PostGIS database to do some basic analysis, make sure you have a PostGIS database name Minnpost.
  • Create species metadata:
    • Generate thumbs from CSV, Wikipedia, and DBPedia: cd data-processing && fab vdata_get_thumbs; cd -;
    • Get colors from ColorSuckr: cd data-processing && fab vdata_get_colors:True; cd -;
    • Put colors into TileMill project: cd data-processing && fab vdata_tile_colors; cd -;
    • Get extra DNR data via Scraper Wiki: cd data-processing && fab vdata_get_dnr_data; cd -;
    • Get counts with: cd data-processing && fab vdata_counts; cd -;
  • Export tiles to S3: cd data-processing/tiles && fab map:mn-invasive production export_deploy:32,4,5; cd -;
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