Issue tracker for MCPBot ( and MCP mappings.
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Issue tracker for MCPBot and MCP mappings.

What this tracker is for:

  • Issues with using MCPBot_Reborn on
  • Issues with mappings (wrong names, unnecessary name changes, etc)

What this tracker is NOT for:

  • MCP IRC channel ban appeals
  • MCPBot_Reborn permissions requests
  • Requests for permission to use MCP code or data files in other projects

Submitting an issue for the bot:

  • Include any relevant output from the bot that may help describe the issue
  • Make sure to include timestamps and what your timezone is
  • Describe the issue and what you expected to happen

Submitting a mapping issue:

  • Include the MC version and full SRG name of the member
  • If the issue relates to a name being changed from a previous verison of MC where the SRG name is different, include the old MC version and SRG name
  • Provide details of the issue such as what the incorrect and correct names are, what the comment should read, and any other applicable details