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Model Oriented


  1. DALEX Public

    moDel Agnostic Language for Exploration and eXplanation

    Python 1.1k 142

  2. DrWhy Public

    DrWhy is the collection of tools for eXplainable AI (XAI). It's based on shared principles and simple grammar for exploration, explanation and visualisation of predictive models.

    R 549 69

  3. modelStudio Public

    📍 Interactive Studio for Explanatory Model Analysis

    R 268 30

  4. A set of tools to understand what is happening inside a Random Forest

    R 196 34

  5. modelDown Public

    modelDown generates a website with HTML summaries for predictive models

    R 109 15

  6. fairmodels Public

    Flexible tool for bias detection, visualization, and mitigation

    R 68 12


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