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KUKA Sunrise Toolbox for Matlab

A Toolbox used to control KUKA iiwa robots 🤖, the 7R800 and the 14R820, from an external computer using Matlab.

Using the KST the utilizer can control the iiwa robot from his/her computer using Matlab's simple syntax, without requiring any skills nor knowledge about programming the controller of the industerial manipulator.

A basic knowledge of using Matlab is required.

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Video tutorials on how to utilize the toolbox

The newer version of KUKA Sunrise Toolbox (KST-1.7) provides a wrapper class that wraps the various functions of the earlier version (KST-1.6) in the file (KST.m). As such earlier version of KST works interchangeably with the newer version 1.7. And the user has the freedom of choice to utilize KST-1.7 or KST-1.6 according to his/her own preference.

Video Gallery

Video demos where MATLAB and KST are used to control iiwa manipulator are 👉 available here 👈 . The video examples range from pick & place applications where kinect camera is utilized for objects recognition and localization, to realtime collision avoidance with coworker/dynamic-obstacles in practical robotic cell. Other examples show how to control the manipulator from 3D simulation software or by using external hardware, and more.

Useful Links

  • Controlling KUKA iiwa from Python 👉 available here.
  • Controlling KUKA iiwa from Simulink 👉 available here.
  • If you do not have the Sunrise.Servoing library but you still want to use MATLAB for controlling KUKA iiwa you can use the package 👉 in here.
  • Advanced examples on using KST for controlling KUKA iiwa 👉 available here.

Package Content

Path Content description
KUKA_Sunrise_server_source_code/ Java source code for IIWA controller.
Matlab_client/ Matlab code for KST.
OtherFlavours/ Other versions of KST.
Other_MATLAB_functionalities/ Hand-guiding/Physical-interaction functions.
Tips and tricks/ Documentation for enhancing network performance on PC.
realTimeControlDrawCircle/ Demo on trajectory generation/IK/on-the-fly control.
realTimeControlDrawEllipse/ Demo on trajectory generation/IK/on-the-fly control.
realTimeControl_iiwa_from_Vrep/ Demo, using KST with V-rep to control iiwa robot.
realtimeControlOfEEFGamePad/ Teleoperation, control EEF from GamePad.
realtimeControlOfJoint...../ Teleoperation, control joints from GamePad.
SunriseGUIinterface/ Friendly GUI for controlling iiwa from MATLAB.
iiwa_CNCPlotter/ Use IIWA as CNC Plotter.


Please cite the following article in your publications if it helps your research 🙏 :

  Author={M. {Safeea} and P. {Neto}},  
  Journal={IEEE Robotics Automation Magazine},  
  Title={KUKA Sunrise Toolbox: Interfacing Collaborative Robots With MATLAB},  


This research was partially supported by: The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) SFRH/BD/131091/2017 and the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688807 - ColRobot project.


A ToolBox for controlling KUKA iiwa robot from matlab:







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