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Automate your OBS scene list and capture Youtube formatted timestamps.

Designed with a predictable workflow in mind; the OBS-Key-Moments dock will keep track of your progress through your typical livestreaming/recording scene list progression while recording a list of timestamps that can be copy/pasted into the Youtube description after the livestream/recording is finished equiping your viewers to quickly navigate your video without the hastle of tracking down timestamps manually.

NOTE: All data for your auto scenes, order of service, and key moments are stored locally regardless of the installtion option.

Installation Option A (online)

  1. In OBS add a new "custom browser dock"
  2. Give the new dock a name ex. "Key Moments"
  3. Add the URL

NOTE: OBS automatically loads the most recent version upon opening the program. If necessary you can also force get the latest version by right clicking the dock and selecting "refresh"

Installation Option B (local)

  1. Download the source code for this project
  2. Unzip it
  3. Follow "Installation Option A" instructions, but use your local file location

NOTE: you will need to check for and download updates manually

Current version requires websocket v4.x. Update coming soon to support websocket v5