This is a job board rails app. My most exciting project so far.
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sourceCoder is a new take on a job board targeted specifically for developers.

This is a project I have built to help learn to code. The intention was to pick an interesting problem and build a solution around it and learn Ruby on Rails along the way.

As a problem, I selected matching Junior Developers with great jobs.

Conversations and experience have shown me that the process of hiring junior developers is a tricky process for companies due to the range of applicant backgrounds and the hundreds of platforms like LinkedIn becoming bloated and unpopular with the Tech community. These platforms in an attempt to cater to every market lack features that help developers communicate their real value. My proposed solution was to create a database of developers that companies can tap into to quickly and find the ideal developer for their team.

Product Objectives

  • Provide a solution to a real-world problem
  • Speeds up the process of finding relevant applicants
  • Clearly communicates the developers skillset based on experience and projects, rather than previous job titles
  • Allows both applicants and employers to manage the full hiring process and multiple jobs/applications in one space
  • Clean and easy to navigate design
  • Create a space where applicants can create profiles that grow with them over time
  • Encourage people not to post fake job ads that they don't monitor

Learning Objectives

  • Create something that looks as close as possible to a real live product
  • Stumble across challenges I didn't know existed
  • Get comfortable navigating Rails and MVC
  • Experiment with relational databases
  • Experiment with Carts and making data interesting


  • Bootstrap (Customised to clean up the look and feel)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Postgres
  • Heroku
  • Gems:
    • Devise
    • Bootstrap 4
    • Saas Rails
  • Charts RoR/ Chart.js


  • Responsive
  • Dynamic & Nested Forms with JavaScript
  • User signup with email authentication
  • Users can add and edit content they own (CRUD)
  • Data displayed in Charts
  • Different content/ menus' based on User type: Employer/ Applicant/ admin
  • Link to multimedia: images, youtube videos, links to 3rd party sites
  • Ability for Admin to manage coding languages on the platform
  • Basic search for jobs and applicants
  • Dashboard for Admin to review KPIs
  • Ad Space

Coming Soon

  • Companies to pay monthly to search applicants and upload jobs
  • Pay to list featured jobs
  • Some content is hidden when reviewing applicant profiles who have not yet applied for a role at the employer company

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Applicant Specific

  • Search Jobs
  • Apply for jobs
  • Create profile page:
    • Charts to illustrate experience
    • Opportunity to explain background and future goals

Employer Specific

  • Search all applicants
  • Create and Edit Job Ads
  • View applications for jobs
  • Create profile page

Example of current profile page as viewed by an employer:

My image

Visit the app here...