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MechJeb2 - KSP mod
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Anatid Robotics and Multiversal Mechatronics proudly presents the first flight assistant autopilot: MechJeb

MechJeb2 is a mod for the game Kerbal Space Program. For more info visit:

Table of Contents


Manual install


Download from Curse:


Unzip the zip in KSP GameData directory. You should have something that looks like that :

Kerbal Space Program
-- GameData
   -- MechJeb2
      -- Icons
      -- Parts
      -- Plugins


CKAN has all the release of MechJeb, just install it as usual.

Development version of Mechjeb

If you want the unstable dev version of MechJeb then :

  1. Open CKAN settings (Settings => CKAN Settings)
  2. Press the New button
  3. Select the MechJeb-dev line, click OK and exit the options.
  4. Refresh
  5. Select "Mechjeb2 - DEV RELEASE" in the list
  6. Then "Go to Change" to install


The project uses Mono and Make to build the addon, make sure you have both installed.

  1. (optional) Set your KSP directory

    export KSPDIR="${XDG_DATA_HOME}/Steam/SteamApps/common/Kerbal Space Program"
  2. Build the mod

    make build
  3. (optional) Install the mod into your KSP directory

    make install




Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.

Common Issues

  1. Why is the Mechjeb menu not showing?

    Make sure you have the part on your ship (AR202 case in the Control section).

  2. (Windows) I cannot find Mechjeb anywhere, there aren't even parts in the R&D facility!

    Some Windows protection and anti-virus software can sometimes block KSP from loading MechJeb. You should install KSP outside the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory. Steam has an option to change the install directory of a game or you can just copy the directory somewhere else.

  3. Why is some Mechjeb function not available?

    Science and career mode require requires to unlock some specific node in the Research and Development tree. Some other also require to upgrade the tracking station to level 2 (game code restriction we can't do much about).

  4. How do I report a bug?

    Check if your problem has already been reported:
    If you found a problem which is similar to yours, feel free to add more information to the existing issue.

    If you cannot find the problem, get a log and create a new issue with a descriptive title of the problem.

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