@Varunram Varunram released this Mar 23, 2018

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Musicoin Wallet 1.0.1 supports the Musicoin hardfork scheduled for block 2,222,222. All users of previous versions are required to upgrade to this version to avoid loss of funds and transacting on an alt chain, which may have potentially harmful consequences.

Musicoin Wallet v.1.0.1 adds translation support for the following languages:

  1. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  2. Russian
  3. French
  4. Dutch (Netherlands)
  5. Portuguese
  6. Spanish (Spain and Argentina)

In addition to this, the bootstrap sync mechanism has been reworked in order to ensure that users don't connect with peers which are running older versions, which may not be mining on the MUSIC chain.

Additional Options to wipe blockchain data from docs and an option to move the blockchain directory are also supported in this release.

Enjoy $MUSIC!