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A project demonstrating use of Python for DeepStream sample apps given as a part of SDK (that are currently in C,C++).
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DeepStream Python Apps

This repository contains Python bindings and sample applications for the DeepStream SDK.

The bindings and apps are currently in Alpha at v0.5. API changes are expected in future releases.
SDK version supported: 4.0.1

Download the latest release package complete with bindings and sample applications from the release section.

Please report any issues or bugs on the Deepstream SDK Forums.

Python Bindings

DeepStream pipelines can be constructed using Gst Python, the GStreamer framework's Python bindings. For accessing DeepStream MetaData, Python bindings are provided in the form of a compiled module. Download these bindings here. This module is generated using Pybind11.

bindings pipeline

These bindings support a Python interface to the MetaData structures and functions. Usage of this interface is documented in the HOW-TO Guide and demonstrated in the sample applications.
The current bindings are limited to the NvDsBatchMeta hierarchy. Image data access is currently not included.

Sample Applications

Sample applications provided here demonstrate how to work with DeepStream pipelines using Python.
The sample applications require MetaData Bindings to work.

To run the sample applications or write your own, please consult the HOW-TO Guide

deepstream python app screenshot

We currently provide four sample applications:

These are Python versions of the first four test applications included in the DeepStream SDK.

Detailed application information is provided in each application's subdirectory under apps.

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