Appium based framework for testing Android and iOS native mobile apps.
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Functional Tests - Core Framework

General purpose automation framework for native mobile apps based on Appium.

Demo Project



  • Manage emulators, simulators and physical devices.
    • Create emulators and simulators
    • Install/Uninstall applications
    • Start/Stop/Restart applications
    • Get console logs
    • Get screenshots
    • Simulate environment (like geo location for example)
    • [Android] Get performance stats (memory usage, startup time, application size)
    • All of the above managed via configs files
  • Interaction with native apps on iOS Simulators, Android Emulators as well as physical Android and iOS devices.
  • Flexible image verification.
    • Verify your page looks as expected
    • Verify particular element on screen looks as expected
    • Allow setting tolerance as % and number of pixels
    • Logic to exclude status bar from comparison
    • Logic that helps when you have shadows or pixels that looks almost the same, but RGB is different
  • Locating elements by image and OCR (based on Sikuli).
  • Logs, Reports, Artifacts
    • Console log from devices, emulators and simulators
    • Appium server logs
    • Test execution logs
    • Screenshots
    • Junit style xml reports with meta info that helps generating html reports with images.

Supported Platforms


Tests based on this framework can be executed from Windows, Linux and macOS machines.

However, there are some limitations:

  • Testing on iOS Simulators and devices can be done only from macOS hosts.
  • Android testing is possible from any hosts, however some features do not work on Windows:
    • Executing tests on multiple Android emulators/simulators simultaneously.
    • Create emulators feature.


Tests based on this framework can be executed against Android Emulators, iOS Simulators, Android physical devices and iOS physical devices.

Supported versions:

  • iOS: 8+
  • Android: 4.2+

...and yes, we work on iOS 10 and Android 7.1 :)

Most likely we also work on Android < 4.2, but we can not confirm since we test only Andoird 4.2+

Prerequisites and Setup


Prerequisites to run tests based on this framework.

Environment Setup

Please read Environment Setup document.

NativeScript Functional Tests

This framework is used for testing all sample apps @NativeScript.

Tests are available in NativeScript/functional-tests repository.


All work-items (issues, features, questions) are handled in GitHub.

If you find valid issue, please log it (as good is the report as good is the chance to fix it).


We do not guarantee all issues will be fixed, but we will be happy to see pull requests.

Build and Contribute


Gradle is used as build system.

Project use Gradle Wrapper so global installation of Gradle is not required.

Run tasks

  • Unix-like: ./gradlew <task>
  • Windows: gradlew.bat <task>

List of tasks:

  • tasks - Displays the tasks runnable from root project.
  • build - Assembles and tests this project.
  • check - Runs all style checks in config/checkstyle/checkstyle.xml; outputs reports in ./build/reports/.
  • fatJar - Assembles a jar archive with dependencies; outputs a .jar file in ./build/libs/.


If you see an area for improvement, want to fix some git issues or just have an idea for a new feature, we will appreciate your pull requests

Just make sure check task passes successfully.