SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects
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SASS CSS pre-processor for NativeScript projects

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This plugin uses the node-sass compiler to transpile SCSS files to CSS files in NativeScript projects.


Add the plug-in to your project:

$ tns install sass


$ npm install nativescript-dev-sass --save-dev

Either of the above commands installs this module and installs the necessary NativeScript build and LiveSync hooks. SASS CSS pre-processing of all .scss or .sass files inside the app folder happens when the project is prepared for build (including LiveSync, Emulate and Watch commands).

After the plugin runs, it will automatically delete all .scss and .sass files from the app package (leaving only the compiled .css)


No additional configuration required!


The best way to explore the usage of the plugin is to inspect the demo apps in the plugin's root folder. In demo folder you can find the usage of the plugin for JavaScript application. In demo-angular folder you can find the usage in an Angular application.

LiveSync Support

This plugin will work in all versions of NativeScript to transpile SCSS and SASS files, but for LiveSync to work as expected with real-time style updates:

  • NativeScript 2.5 and higher, use version 1.x and higher of this plugin (latest version)
  • NativeScript 2.4.x and lower, use version 0.4.2

You can install a specific version of this plug-in using this command:

$ npm install nativescript-dev-sass@0.4.2 --save-dev

To use the latest release candidates (when available), use this command:

$ npm install nativescript-dev-sass@rc --save-dev

In NativeScript 2.4 and lower, the current version of this plug-in will cause LiveSync to trigger an app restart. The last version of this plug-in that supports real-time updates (with no app restart) in NativeScript 2.4 and lower is 0.4.2.

Breaking Changes


  • @import statements require relative paths (previous versions built all paths relative app root)
  • Importing stylesheets from node_modules now requires "~" to start the path (ex: @import '~nativescript-theme-core' instead of @import 'nativescript-theme-core')

SASS @import syntax

To import external stylesheets, use the standard SASS syntax:

@import 'variables'

As of v1.0.0 of this plug-in, imports use relative paths. For example, to reference an external stylesheet in the root app directory from a stylesheet in a sub-folder:

@import '../variables'


@import '~/variables' // Supported in v1.1.0+

As of v1.0.0 of this plugin, you can also reference SASS files in the node_modules directory using the tilde (~) notation. For example, to reference a SASS stylesheet in the nativescript-theme-core plugin:

@import '~nativescript-theme-core/scss/platforms/index.ios'

NOTE: Do not include a forward slash after the tilde. Use ~[node_modules folder name] and not ~/[node_modules folder name]. The later will not resolve correctly.

Using file extensions with @import

In some cases, the current version of node-sass requires @import statements to explicitly include the filename extension (like .scss). This occurs if files with the same name exist in the same path.

For example:


Node-sass will throw an error if the @import 'variables'; syntax is used. As a workaround, use an explicit filename, like: @import 'variables.scss';

This is currently on the roadmap for node-sass 4.0. See this issue for more detail.


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Get Help

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