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Steps to create an Android App Widget in NativeScript

  • Create an android layout for your widget and place it in platforms/android/src/main/res/layout. Make sure to follow the official guidelines as not all views are supported.
  • Create a widget meta-data file and place it in app/App_Resources/Android/xml/.
  • Extend android.appwidget.AppWidgetProvider and implement its onUpdate method. For more information on how to do it refer to the Android API Guides.
  • Update the AndroidManifest.xml located in app/App_Resources/Android and register your widget, where receiver android:name=??? contains the full widget class name, and meta-data android:resource=@xml/??? - your widget meta-data.

Note: A full widget class name is only considered valid when it contains package descriptor eg. com.tns or a.b in the front.

How to run

  • Run command in your terminal
tns run android
  • Add the widget from the application WidgetDemo to your home screen.
  • Clicking on the button on the right will increase the tap counter, while clicking on the image will open the application with which the widget is associated.


Widget demo