NeTEx is a CEN Technical Standard for exchanging Public Transport schedules and related data.
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NeTEx XML schema (C) 2009-2018 NeTEx, CEN, Crown Copyright

Network Timetable EXchange

Core, Part 1 (Network), Part 2 (Timetables), Part3 (Fares) Schemas

Version 1.09 - Base version plus minor fixes comprising Norway contributions Plus most of the 1.1 CRs

See the NeTEx UML Physical and Conceptual models for an UML view

The Part 1, Part 2 & Part3 Schemas include minor corrections since the issue of the Version 1.0 documents. The Version 1.1 documents cover the changes

Getting Started

There are two main root schemas:

  • netex_publication : Embeds NeTEx XML model elements in a bulk output file format for use in asynchronous publication. The intended content scope can be indicated by a filter object.
  • netex_siri.xsd : Embeds NeTEx XML model elements in the SIRI protocol for dynamic exchange of elements between servers. Both Request/response or publish / subscribe is supported

In addition:

  • nx.xsd : Embeds NeTeX XML model elements within a simple thematic organisation to facilitate browsing and inspection of NeTEx. The NX schema is not intended for actual use.

There are XML examples of the use of both protocols, see /examples subdirectory.

Support for XML editors

There is an XMLSpy project file in the root directory that provides an organised view of the schema and examples

  • NeTEx.spp

There is also an Oxygen project file

  • NeTEx.xpr

1.09 Summary of Changes since v1.08

2018-03-20 Rename to align with Transmodel xsd UML

  • PassengerContract ==> FareContract
  • PassengerContractEntry ==> FareContractEntry
  • PassengerContractSecurityListing ==> FareContractSecurityListing
  • TypeOfPassengerContract ==> TypeOfFareContract
  • TypeOfPassengerContractEntry ==> TypeOfFareContractEntry
  • Updates:
    • netex_fareContract_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_fareContract_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesTransaction_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesTransaction_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesTransactionFrame_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_publication.xsd
    • netex_publication_timetable.xsd

2017-12-20 Rename to align with Transmodel and fix up fare examples

  • SalesPackage ==> SalesOfferPackage
  • SalesPackageElement ==> SalesOfferPackageElement
  • SalesPackageSubstitition ==> SalesOfferPackageSubstitition
  • TypeOfSalesPackage ==> TypeOfSalesOfferPackage
  • SalesPackageSubstitition ==> SalesOfferPackageSubstitition
  • GroupOfSalesPackages ==> GroupOfSalesOfferPackages
  • netex_salesPackage_support-v1.1.xsd ==> netex_aalesOfferPackage_support--v1.1.xsd
  • netex_salesPackage_version-v1.1.xsd ==> netex_aalesOfferPackage_version-v1.1.xsd

1.08 Summary of Changes since v1.07

2017-12-01 Further revisions & Fixes for v1.1

  • Fix: Add notice assignments to GroupOfDistanceMatrixElements [uml:v96-nk3; doc:v38.04]
    • netex_distranceMatrixLement_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Move alternativeTexts up hierarchy to EntityInVersion [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
  • Fix: Move AlterativeName to generic framework so Organisation can reference. [uml 96-nk2; doc done v38.03]
    • netex_organisation_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_all_objects_generic_version-v1.0.xsd
  • Fix: Add ContactDetails to Line as per uml [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_line_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Update uml diagram for PropertyOfDay, Line [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
  • Fix: cd - Place should be typed Place_VersionStructure [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_place_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: Cr0019/Cr0013 correct type on DayOffSet on CourseOfJourney and ReliefOpportunity, InterchangeRule, [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_vehicleService_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_coupledJourney_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_interchange-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Add DayOffSet to JourneyMeeting [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_interchange-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: Cr0051: Add infolinks to GroupOfEnNtities [uml:v96-nk3; doc:v38.04]
    • netex_groupin-v1.1.xsd

2017-11-08 Further revisions & Fixes for V1.1

  • Fix: Add DayOffSet to JourneyPartCouple [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_coupledJourney_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Correct spelling & Allow multiple infolinks on FareProduct [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_fareProduct_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Add MobileApp to MediaType enumeration [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_travelDocumentSupport_support-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Allow version of derived view id [xsd only]
    • netex_responsibility_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Allow DistanceMatrixView on AccessRightParameter* [xsd only]
    • netex_accessRightParameter_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0051 Allow Line and documentlinks on Tariff [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_fareStructureElement_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0051 Add map and faresheet to InfoLink types [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_utilityTypes_v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0051 Allow Presentation details on TariffZone [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_zone_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: Add totalNumberParkingSpaces to ParkingProperties [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_ifopt_parking_version-1.1,xsd
  • Fix: Update Facility - correct nuisance to match XML[uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_facility_support-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0049 Change PiQuery to PiRequest [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_salesTransaction_support-v1.1.xsd (replaces 1.0)
  • CR: CR0040 Rework to make Section a type of LinkSequence [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_commonSection_support-v1.1.xsd ++
    • netex_commonSection_version-v1.1.xsd ++
    • netex_section_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_section_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_linkSequence_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_lineNetwork_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_fareZone_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0049 TM Change. Move Description to supertype for LinkSequence [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_journeyPattern_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_journey_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_ifopt_navigationPath_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_ifopt_parking_version-v1.1.xsd

2017-10-10 Further revisions & Fixes

  • Fix: Correct FareStructureElement to allow Multiple interval support, Add timeIntervals & geographical intervals to fareElement, Also allow inlining of DistanceMatrixElements [xml]

    • netex_FareStructureELement_version_-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_all_objects_part3_fares-v1.0.xsd
    • netex_all_objects_part3_fares_FS-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_accessRightParameter_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: CustomerPurchasPeackageElement add GeographicalIntervalRef & TimeIntervalRef [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_CustomerPurchasePackage_version_-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0049 TM alignment (i) CustomerPurchasePackage element add TypeOfTravelDocument to ProductValidityParametersGroup [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_accessRightParameter_version-v1.1.xsd

    (ii) Fix Add TypeOfTravelDocument to FareTable specifics [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_fareTable_version-v1.1.xsd
    • etex_all_objects_part3_fares_FP-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_distanceMatrixElement_version-v1.0.xsd

    (iii) Add TypeOfTravelDocument to FareFrame [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_travelDocument_version-v1.1.xsd
  • Fix: NeTEx FareFrame had wrong reference 1.0 [xsd only]

    • netx_all_objects_part3_fares-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_fareFrame_version-v1.0.xsd
    • netex_all-v1.0.xsd
    • netex_salesTransactionFrame-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0051 Misc small fix - ParkingArea add NumberOfBaysWithRecharging, RechargingAvailable [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_parkingTariff_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_siteFrame_version-v1.0.xsd
    • netex_ifopt_all_objects-v1.0.xsd
  • CR: CR0051- LostPropertyService: add KeptForDuration. LeftLuggage addMaximumDuration [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_ifopt_localService_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_ifopt_localServiceCommercial_version-v1.0.xsd
    • netex_Ifopt_equipmentAll-v1.0.xsd
    • netex_assistanceBooking_version-v1.0.xsd


  • CR: CR0047 - RailSubmode add AirportLink as rail submode [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_submode_version-v1.1.xsd
  • FIX: Reorganise project folders [xsd only]
    • Split all_object_part3_fares into four sublists -FP, FS, AR, SD

2017-08-10 Allign with TM6 Changes

  • CR: CR0045 TM6: GenericLoggable support LogEntry [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03] (i) Add generic Loggable. Make PassengerContractEvent a type of LogENtry [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • netex_loggable_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_loggable_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesContract_support-v1.1.xsd (ii) Rename PassengerContractEvent to PassengerContractEntry NB not back compatible for TypeOfPassengerContractEvent[uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_salesContract_support-v1.1.xsd

    (iii) Add Support for SecurityLists & WhiteLists* , revise use of lacklist. NB this is functionally, but not syntactically backwards compatible. [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • +netex_securityList_support-v1.1.xsd
    • +netex_securityList_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesContract_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesContract_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_travelDocument_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_travelDocument_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_retailConsortium_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_retailConsortium_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesTransactionFrame_version-v1.1.xsd

    (iv) Add CustomerPurchasePackage support [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

    • allObjects_part3
    • ++ netex_customerPurchasePackage_support-v1.1.xsd
    • ++ netex_customerPurchasePackage_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_salesTransactionFrame_version-v1.1.xsd

(iv) Add CustomerAccount, CustomerAccountStatus, TypeOfCustomerccount [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

  • netex_salesContract_support-v1.1.xsd umlp
  • netex_salesContract_support-v1.1.xsd umlp

(v) Add CustomerEligibility [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]

  • ++ netex_customerEligibility_support-v1.1.xsd umlp
  • ++ netex_customerEligibility_version-v1.1.xsd umlp
  • CR: CR00xx Add Presentation including graphics to AllowedLineDirection [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_line_version-v1.1.xsd umlp
  • CR: CR0040 Revise Section: Add GeneralSection distinct from CommonSection. [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03] Separate out section from point and link package. NB not strictly compatible just for Section usedIn LinkSequence
    • netex_pointAndLinkSequence_support-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
    • netex_pointAndLinkSequence_version-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
    • netex_pointAndLink_support-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
    • netex_pointAndLink_version-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
    • netex_lineSection_version-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
    • ++netex_section_support-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
    • ++netex_section_version-v1.1.xsd UMLcp
  • CR: CR0010 QuayType Add BusPlatform enum value [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_ifopt_stopPlace_support-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0030 Add DayOffsets [uuml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_coupledJourney_version-v1.1.xsd UM p
    • netex_datedPassingTime_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_monitoredPassingTime_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_passingTimes_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0010 Add JourneyPartPoisition to JourneyPart [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_coupledJourney_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_coupledJourney_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR014 Add GroupOfLinesType enum [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_line_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_line_version-v1.1.xsd
  • CR: CR0047 Add support for tax to FarePrice: self ref on PriceRule & StepResult [uml:v96-nk2; doc:v38.03]
    • netex_farePrice_version-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_parkingTariff_support-v1.1.xsd
    • netex_parkingTariff_version-v1.1.xsd

1.07 2017.06.11