A NetLogo extension that introduces several helpful string-processing primitives
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NetLogo string extension

An unofficial extension for providing handy string-related primitives in NetLogo.


see https://github.com/NetLogo/String-Extension/releases


The following reporters are provided:

  • explode -- turns a string into a list (of one-character strings)
  • from-file -- read an entire file into a string with one command
  • from-list -- turns a list into a string
  • hash-code
  • md5 -- generate the MD5 hash for a string
  • rex-match -- search in strings using standard regular expressions
  • rex-replace-first, rex-replace-all, rex-split
  • starts-with?, ends-with? -- match a string against the start or end of another string
  • trim -- removes initial and trailing whitespace
  • upper-case, lower-case -- alter the letter case of strings


Run make.

If compilation succeeds, string.jar will be created.

To run the tests in tests.txt, run make test.

To build a release package, run make string.zip.

Wish list

Ideas for possible additional primitives:

  • ascii-code <character> -- returns the ASCII index of the given character (the first character of the string), or 0 for non-ASCII characters
  • from-ascii <integer> -- returns the ASCII character corresponding to the given small integer index
  • last-index-of <needle> <haystack> -- reports the index of the last occurrence of needle in haystack, or false, if needle does not occur
  • split-on-character <string> <single-char-delimiter> -- reports a list by splitting string using the given single character`
  • split-on-string <string> <string-delimiter> -- reports a list formed by splitting string using the string-delimiter
  • position-regex <regex-needle> <haystack>


The string extension was written by James Steiner of turtleZERO.com.

Terms of Use


The NetLogo string extension is in the public domain. To the extent possible under law, James Steiner has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights.