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Our paper is published on The 29th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2020,). The information can be found here:

  • Weibin Meng, Ying Liu, Yuheng Huang, Shenglin Zhang, Federico Zaiter, Bingjin Chen, Dan Pei. A Semantic-aware Representation Framework for Online Log Analysis. ICCCN 2020. August 3 - August 6, 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


1. nltk,"wordnet")
2. spacy, spacy.load("en_core_web_md")
3. progressbar
4. dynet (python3)

Quick Start

cd code/LRWE/src/ 
make clean

# prepare the middle results 
python -i data/HDFS.log -t HDFS -o results/
  -i input rawlog
  -t name of logs
  -o output path

# do experiments for log2vec
python -i results -t HDFS
  -i input path
  -t name of logs

Directory Structure

|-- code
|   |--
|   |--
|   |--
|   |--
|   |--
|   |--
|   |-- LRWE/
|   |-- mimick/
|   |--
|-- data
|   |-- HDFS.log #sample data

File Descriptions

#Filter variables in the logs
python code/ -rawlog ./data/BGL.log

  -rawlog:raw logs

Antonyms&Synonyms Extraction

#Extract antonyms and synonyms 
python code/ -logs ./data/BGL_without_variables.log -ant_file ./middle/ants.txt -syn_file ./middle/syns.txt

  -logs: logs
  -ant_file: antonyms
  -syn_file: synonyms

Relation Triple Extraction

python code/ data/BGL_without_variables.log middle/bgl_triplet.txt

  data/BGL_without_variables.log: logs
  middle/bgl_triples.txt: triples
#If -s is added, temporary saving will be enabled. By default, every 10000 pieces will be saved, named "temp\_" + output\_file
python code/ input_file output_file -s
#If another parameter is added after -s, the number of bars saved per time is modified
python code/ input_file output_file -s 50000 

Semantic Word Embedding

#Convert log file to single line for training
python code/ -input data/BGL_without_variables.log -output middle/BGL_without_variables_for_training.log
cd code/LRWE/src/ 
make clean
make #make before you run

#The input file for training is the file obtained in the previous step
./lrcwe -train ../../middle/BGL_without_variables_for_training.log  -synonym ../../middle/syns.txt  -antonym ../../middle/ants.txt -output ../../middle/bgl_words.model -save-vocab ../../middle/bgl.vocab -belta-rel 0.8 - alpha-rel 0.01  -alpha-ant 0.3 -size 32 -min-count 1 -triplet ../../middle/bgl_triplet.txt

Handle OOV Words

#Read the original vector file
python code/mimick/ --vectors middle/bgl_words.model --w2v-format --output middle/bgl_words.pkl

  --vectors:Results of w2v, the first row is the number of rows and dimensions (can be omitted), the format of each subsequent row is word + word vector: word d1 d2... d32
#Train the new embedding according to oov
python code/mimick/ --dataset middle/bgl_words.pkl  --vocab middle/testvocab.txt --output middle/oov.vector

  --dataset:Output of the first step
  --vocab:New words, you can write multiple words in batches, one word per line
  --output:Embedding file for new words

Generate vector for logs

python code/ -logs ./data/BGL_without_variables.log -word_model ./middle/bgl_words.model -log_vector_file ./middle/bgl_log.vector -dimension 32

This code was completed by @Weibin Meng, Yuheng Huang and Bingjin Chen in cooperation.


A distributed representation method for online logs.






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