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Docker configuration for NethServer
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This is a prototype that integrates Docker based applications within NethServer.

  • It defines a new firewall zone and docker network, aqua. Basically, containers are attached to aqua and they can talk each other. IP traffic from other zones, like green and red must be configured with the usual Firewall rules and Port forwarding pages
  • As example to test integration with system services, connections from the aqua zone are allowed to the MySQL/MariaDB port 3306
  • It exposes portainer dashboards through the httpd-admin Apache instance as https://<IP>:980/portainer/

The default Docker bridged network is disabled, as long as the iptables mangling feature.


Install the nethserver-docker package from nethforge-testing

yum install --enablerepo=nethforge-testing nethserver-docker


If you have a free block device (required for production environments) assign it to Docker before starting it for the first time

config setprop docker DirectLvmDevice /dev/sdb

Review the current settings with

config show docker
  • Network, is the IP network address of the aqua zone
  • IpAddress, is the IP address of the Docker host in the Network above

Enable the docker service and start it for the first time

config setprop docker status enabled
signal-event nethserver-docker-update

Web user interface

Access the Portainer user interface at


The first time it is accessed, it asks to generate the administrative credentials.

Docker repository

The official repository of docker could be enabled to test the lastest version

yum-config-manager --add-repo
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