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Human-Centric Machine learning

Human-Centric Machine learning at MPI-SWS


  1. memorize Public

    Code and real data for "Enhancing Human Learning via Spaced Repetition Optimization", PNAS 2019

    Jupyter Notebook 153 28

  2. nevae Public

    Code and data for "NeVAE: A Deep Generative Model for Molecular Graphs", AAAI 2019

    Python 53 11

  3. Code and data for decision making under strategic behavior

    Jupyter Notebook 19 3

  4. Code and real data for "Large-scale randomized experiment reveals machine learning helps people learn and remember more effectively", npj Science of Learning 2021

    Jupyter Notebook 20 6

  5. Code and real data for the paper "Counterfactual Temporal Point Processes", NeurIPS 2022

    Jupyter Notebook 11 3

  6. Code for "Counterfactual Explanations in Sequential Decision Making Under Uncertainty", NeurIPS 2021

    Jupyter Notebook 9 3


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