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Nexus CPU Pool/Solo Miner

Build instructions (Ubuntu)

Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install build-essential libboost-all-dev libdb-dev libdb++-dev libssl-dev libminiupnpc-dev libgmp-dev

Clone the repo

cd ~
git clone PrimePoolMiner

Build the miner

cd PrimePoolMiner
make MARCHFLAGS=-march=native -f makefile


The pool miner can now be configured via miner.conf. An example file miner.conf.example is included.
Please copy/rename it to miner.conf in order to use it .

You can adjust the parameters used to initialise the prime sieving / wheel factorisation to optimise the prime chain rates (or WPS) for your CPU.

"host": <the pool hostname / ipaddress to connect to, in solo mode this should be the address of the NSX wallet node> 
"port": <the pool port, default 9549 for pool, for solo mining the default is 9325>
"nxs_address": <your payout address - if it's left empty ("") the miner will try to work in SOLO mode>
"sieve_threads": <number of threads to use for sieving, default is 0 (all available cores)
"ptest_threads": <number of threads to use for primality testing, default is 0 (all available cores)
"timeout": <timeout when connecting to pool, default 10s>
"bit_array_size": <the size of the prime sieve in bytes, default 8388608. Adjust this to suit your CPU cache size> 
"prime_limit": <max prime number used to initialise the sieve, default 71378571 - not in use at the current stage>
"n_prime_limit": <max inverses prime limit, default 4194304 - not in use at the current stage>
"primorial_end_prime": <largest primorial, default 12>

Run the miner


Original Message:

This is the Miner for NXS Pools. Start it with commandline arguments IP PORT ADDRESS. Optional arguments are THREADS and TIMEOUT following ADDRESS.



CPU Miner for Nexus Pools



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