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SHENZHEN I/O Solitaire Game

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Yes, this is in the browser! This is a replication of the addictive solitaire game from SHENZHEN I/O. It can use original graphics from the game for a near-identical experience, but without having to keep the game running. The graphic files are not included, however, and must be copied from your installation of the game.

This project is not associated with Zachtronics or SHENZHEN I/O.

Play Online

If you own the game you can use the base game's graphics. See the next step:

How to install

  1. Download this project from Github as a .zip, and extract.
  2. Locate the SHENZHEN I/O solitaire textures folder from your installation. This will be something like steamapps\common\SHENZHEN IO\Content\textures\solitaire
  3. Copy the contents of that folder into the solitaire folder in the project.
  4. Open index.html in your browser.
  5. (If you don't own SHENZHEN I/O, you can still play the game, but it's not nearly as pretty.)